Hi, I’m Kristin Osborn

I've dedicated my expertise to developing a thorough course aimed at achieving optimal surgical results for patients.
The goal is to alleviate anxiety and instil complete confidence as individuals approach and recover from surgery.
With 19 years of experience in Lymphology, holding numerous certifications, having a history of treating post-operative patients across various surgical procedures and attending the Live Surgical Day alongside surgeons at the Lipedema World Congress, I bring a wealth of knowledge and all the surgical insights to empower individuals throughout their surgical journey.

The surgery is very costly so why not invest in knowledge with this course to come out with the outcomes you want.

Designed by an industry professional of 19 yrs, this course is a MUST for any patient who is thinking of surgery, has a surgery date, or is looking to have another surgery.
Providing all the "Tricks of the Trade" to help with the best possible outcome and helping to take any worry out.
Furthermore, the course delves into every inquiry patients may have, and encompasses every detail to assist in adequately preparing for a surgery and a seamless recuperation.
Plus, while surgeons typically provide a small amount of detail, this course offers a level of comprehensiveness that goes above and beyond.

Take any worry or anxiety out.

Work with your surgeon with the knowledge gained.

Always feel supported on your journey.

How you are going to feel with your results.

Join the growing club.

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